Lighthearted Loneliness

WHAT?  I can loneliness be lighthearted? Well....that's my point!  Loneliness is the opposite of being lighthearted.....however.....a dose of lightheartedness can ease loneliness!

So.....I'm going to attempt to take a lighthearted look at this.....using the Jeff Foxworthy approach!

You might be lonely if:  You go to Walmart just to be around people! (if that's the case....go somewhere else!)

You might be lonely if: You buy one of those blow up dolls! (not for the typical reason...not even to be able to legally drive in the HOV lane....but to sit it across the table from you to have a dinner companion!)  (Why haven't I bought one yet?)

You might be lonely if: You intentionally bump into the car in front of you just to get a possible new contact! (Warning: be sure your insurance is up to date before attempting!)

You might be lonely if: You call that friend who refuses to let you OFF the phone! (You know the one...we all have at least one!  You might want to have a plan of escape in case you realize during this 3 hour conversation that maybe you're not THAT lonely!)

You might be lonely if: You know all the names of the QVC hosts!

You might be lonely if: You talk to Siri so much she decides to give you the silent treatment!

You might be lonely if: You order way too much take out & tell the delivery boy everyone canceled on you & won't he please come in & join you?!

You might be lonely if: You schedule & actually look forward to your mammogram so you can get some physical affection!

I hope this has lightened your perspective on loneliness!  The next time you're drowning in that bowl of double chocolate decadence ice cream & feeling all alone in the world....remember to laugh your way through it & then go get another bowl!