Veterans Day

What is Veterans Day to you?  A day off?  A parade to attend? Just any other day?

Ask a veteran what today signifies.  Better yet, ask a wounded warrior......or one of our brave soldiers who will not only have a day off, but will be in harms way!

The older I get, the more I realize how I have taken this day for granted! How I have taken the duties & sacrifices of our military for granted!  How I have taken living in this great country for granted!  No matter what our problems are......and I know there are many......& I don't mean to minimize them......BUT......I'll take them any day over living ANYWHERE else!  

I am PROUD to be an American!  I am PROUD of our military!  I am PROUD of our history!  This day is to honor our patriotic men & women of every race & religion who have served & sacrificed for us ALL!  And what about their families?!  Those who have stood on faith waiting & hoping for their safe return.....raising families alone.....uprooting their families time & again.....being separated for holidays & milestones.  Sacrifices for ALL of us!

Today, spend some time thanking God for this great country we live in & for all of those who have served past, present, & future.