A Christmas Challenge

In just a couple of weeks we'll be celebrating yet another Christmas!  I'll bet that you are feeling a little bit stressful right now!  Life is always busy, but with the holidays come more activities, more parties, more on that never ending "to do" list!

I have a challenge for you.....STOP.....right now.....take a DEEP breath!  Reflect on past Christmas seasons.  What comes to your mind?  What's one of the most memorable?  WHY was it special to you?  Now.....think about next year at this time.....how can you make THIS Christmas become one of those treasured memories?

Maybe you need a little nudge to start your creative juices....so I'll give you some ideas.  Bless someone anonymously!  PLAN times of rest & reflection!  Celebrate in a way that you've never done before!  Start a new tradition!  Attend a Christmas play that you don't have any of your own children in! Give your change at the register to the cashier!  At one of your gatherings, instead of exchanging presents, exchange compliments....written out for the recipient to keep!  For one of the gifts you give your teens, give them a "get out of a chore" card to be used in the next month! Do something silly & fun....like have a "santa" day & start with santa face pancakes, & incorporate as many "santa" themes as you can in your day! You get the idea!

For many people the holiday season is NOT one of joy & celebration.  If you know someone who has lost a loved one this year, has been ill, been separated or divorced,has a spouse who'sbeen deployed, recently moved to a new city, lost a job, etc. they need some EXTRA TLC!  Invite them to a Christmas service, your home, to go look at the beautiful lights, take them out to eat, just spend some TIME with them!  Let them know that you realize how difficult it must be for them & offer a listening ear!  Share some of your ideas of making this year special!

Before you end your day, INTENTIONALLY decide how you will make this Christmas unlike any other.....it doesn't have to be a huge endeavor, or cost a lot of money, just put some thought & creativity into it & I'll bet some of that stress will be replaced with anticipated joy!