Seize The Summer!

     When I was a child, the Friday before Memorial Day was the last day of school.  That meant summer had begun!

     My favorite thing about summer was that we were allowed to play outside until the street lights came on!  But that wasn't the only special thing about summer...going to the public swimming pool....the summer reading program at the library....that coveted week spent at my Granny's house....the ice cream man driving through the neighborhood....and the highlight of our summer, the yearly trip to Six Flags!!!!!

     Looking back, it seems like every summer was just like the last one.  The summers were definitely enjoyable....but on the first day of school when the teacher ALWAYS asked "What did you do this summer?" the answer was always the same!

     What are your favorite summer memories?  What do you want your children to remember about THIS summer?  What do YOU want to remember about this summer?  Summer goes by fast....way too fast!  Why not make this summer different?  Brainstorm with your family to find out at least one special event each of them would like to experience.....and PLAN IT....RIGHT THEN!  Put it on the calendar!  It doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive...just special...memorable!  Be intentional! 

     Don't forget.....some of the best memories are made when you embrace the SPONTANEOUS opportunities that present themselves!  Seize the Summer!  ENJOY!