Back to School.....Supplies!

In only a couple of weeks, the big yellow school buses will be lined up.....the crossing guards will be in position....and the moms of those little kindergarten cuties will be in tears!  

Back to school.....back to schedules.....back to homework.....back to "normal"!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is perusing the aisles of school supplies!  All those unopened possibilities!  Every year I treat myself to at least one new "school supply".  Last year I bought a pack of pens, Pilot G-2 05, which have become my favorite pens!  This year I discovered Crayola's window about fun! windows will display all of my seasonal least the windows only I can see!

CNN recently reported that adult coloring books are topping the best seller list!  How about you?  Did you enjoy coloring as a child?  If so, why don't you revisit this relaxing past time?! fact, ALL forms of creativity sparks imagination and reduces stress!  And who doesn't need to reduce some stress?

Don't just let the kids have all the fun! Buy yourself some school supplies and start creating!