Seize THIS Day

It's already a week into the brand new year.  Did you WRITE down your goals?  Did you break them down into doable steps?  Or maybe you've already given up on them....I hope not!                

2016 CAN be different!  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of not seeing greater advances in my life.  I am DETERMINED that this year WILL be different!  How?  By making EACH day count!  I will plan my days & work my plan!  I will be accountable to my life coach & will see results on a continuous basis!  No excuses!

When my daughters were young they would watch "The Newsies" over & over & over!  So now when I hear the phrase "Seize the Day", my mind immediately starts singing that the chorus:

"Open the gates and seize the day, Don't be afraid and don't delay, Nothing can break us,  No one can make us give our rights away, Arise and seize the day!" 

My favorite line is "Don't be afraid and don't delay!"  I think that will be my motto this year!  But I need to break this phrase, "Seize the Day" down even further to make it more meaningful to me.  By changing just one word, its impact is greater to me.  I want to seize THIS day!...seize THIS hour!....seize THIS moment!  Reminding myself of this throughout the day helps me to be more focused on my hopes, goals, and even joy!  So I invite you to.....Seize THIS day!  Seize THIS year & make it your best year yet!!