Post Wedding Woes!

Last month I wrote about my daughter's upcoming wedding.  The wedding was absolutely perfect!  The forecast called for a 90 percent chance of rain....but we only had a few sprinkles....except for the poor guys who went on the swamp tour!  They were drenched!  Hey....they interacted with the gators what's a little rain to adventurous men, right?!

The entire week-end was just magical!  My favorite moment though, was when my daughter emerged from the dressing area in her exquisite gown....AND VEIL! (If you did not read last month's blog.....I wanted her to wear a veil, but she refused)  SURPRISE!!!!  She had her sister make the veil just the week before to surprise me! Can you even imagine how I felt?  I was so touched!  I just could not hold back the tears (even though my make-up had already been done!)

If it was so perfect, why is this blog entitled "Post Wedding WOES"?  Well.....if you've ever been planning for something for a year....had parties....showers....addressed invitations....made 100 pralines for favor bags...made arrangements for spa days....dotted all the i's & crossed all the t's....and then it's just hits you.....IT'S REALLY OVER!  

All the friends and family left on Monday.  On Wednesday it hit me!  I was sad, lonely, crying.  I missed everyone.  I missed the excitement.  I missed the activity. So.....everyone started giving me their advice!  "You need a dog, & maybe a cat too!"  "You're not busy enough, get another job!"  "Move closer to family"......."What you need is a man....get on!"  I know they were just concerned about me & they are entitled to their opinion....but....PLEASE, just let me grieve a little!  This is not uncommon after a big event! 

Have you ever noticed that our society does not like negative emotion to be displayed?  It's better to "keep your chin up", "put on a happy face", "just suck it up"! WHY?  Now, I understand that if I continued to grieve over this it would be a problem, but emotions are a natural part of life! (especially for women!)  I'd much rather someone be REAL to me about how they are feeling than fake it!  What I've learned from this is that when someone IS vulnerable enough to share their emotions with me....I don't have to FIX them!  I can acknowledge their feelings, support & encourage them....and IF they ask for suggestions from me THEN I'll gladly offer.  So if you want to cry after a big know who to call!  

Now there IS one thing I'm going to do.......go get that dog! ;)