A Valentine Shift!

I'll bet as soon as you turn that calendar over to February, your thoughts also turn to Valentine's Day!  Did you know over a BILLION cards are sold each year for this holiday?  Fortunately, this year Mardi Grasand the Super Bowl (Go Peyton!) will also be celebrated.  Since I'm recently divorced, I'm going to concentrate on those events!

Ok, bear with me while I get on my soap box here to complain about Valentine's Day!  Don't get me wrong...I love romance!  I read Nicholas Sparks books and I even RECORD those sappy Hallmark movies!  In fact, I have lots of fond Valentine's memories. When I was young, I would love to decorate my box at school and couldn't wait until the party!  I wouldspend hours choosing just the right card to give to each of my classmates!  My favorite memories were when my dad would get home from work...because he would ALWAYS have a big red heart full of candy for each of his girls! (I still have one, that I keep "special" cards in)  So....what's the problem, you ask?  It's the emphasis on this day being for couples...instead oflove in general.  Yes, we acknowledge friends and family, but the main focus is on couples.  I know a lot of women who DREAD this day and even get depressed over it if they don't have a mate or date!  And what about the pressure to plan just the right evening or choose the "perfect" gift!  I feel the omission being a single woman myself!  However, I'm not going to let it get me down, because I "choose" to focus on the other special days and my Aunt's 95th birthday party!  Love of life!

Notice my favorite Valentine's memories revolved around the school parties, my friends, and my dad! So....why not adopt the customs of other countries.  In Finland, Valentine's Day is referred to as "Friends' Day", which puts more emphasis on remembering all friends rather than focusing so intently on romance!  Likewise, in Guatemala, it's known as "Day of Love & Friendship"! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

The name might not officially change...but I hope the emphasis will shift from couples to love in general! With that said....

I hope you savor your special "DAY OF LOVE"!