Shedding: discard something undesirable, unwanted or outdated; take off, let go, to rid, lose, separate from, cast off

When reptiles & insects shed their skin or shells, they are replaced by another one that has grown underneath.  I was reading about Iguana's.  It said not to pull the skin if it's not ready to come off...if it's not ready & you try to pull it, there will be resistance. Often, their spikes need help to shed however, but you must work with them gently, several times.  If shed is left on, it may constrict growth of the living tissue, resulting in tissue dying, spikes falling or breaking off.  Unlike some reptiles, Iguana's shed in pieces instead of one piece.  This is a regular event.  It's normal and a sign of good health!  Do you see the correlation between this shedding process in the iguana & us?  Sometimes when we have issues we need to deal with...but aren't ready...we can resist!  Even though it needs to be done, it might need to be a slow, gentle process and often we will need outside help.  If it's not dealt with at all, it will constrict growth!  If we are aware of what we need to shed.... and deal with it as a regular event....overall health will be improved!

I need to shed extra weight!  I'm talking pounds here!  I'm aware of the need.  I'm committed for the long haul, because I want this to be a life style change....NOT a diet!  I need help and so I have a health coach and am considering hiring a personal trainer. 

I regularly shed possessions.  I have a bag to place anything I need to donate and when it's full I take it.  Twice a year....spring & fall....when I do my "extreme" cleaning, I go through my house room by, reorganizing, & shedding!  I only want to own things that bring me joy, have a current purpose, or hold a memory.

I'm also trying to shed activities the same way.  If something doesn't line up with my core values, or it's not one of my goals, or it's not something that I'm passionate about, or I'm just not interested in.....I'm saying NO to it.  After all, there are only so many hours in a day!  

I have two rose bushes.  One is planted in the yard I'm renting.  One I have in a pot that I have moved several times.  Both of them were looking a little rough.  A couple of weeks ago I gave them both some much needed attention.  I pruned them....way  back. I wish you could see them now.  Both of them are loaded with beautiful blooms....more than I've ever seen on either one of them!  I needed to shed them of all the dead areas, so that they could be nourished to bloom abundantly.  I want to shed anything from my life that is draining me of a blooming, fulfilling, beautiful life!

What about you?  What do you need to shed?  Resentment? Worry? Control? Possessions? Over-Scheduling? Weight? Jealousy? Debt?  Why are you hanging on to it?  What is causing you to delay in getting help?   Start today in shedding whatever is keeping you from a growing, productive, beautiful life!

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