Wonder Woman!

I want to be Wonder Woman!!!  I'm not talking about Linda Carter in her skimpy super-hero costume.  (Many of you are too young to even remember that! OUCH!)  Why would I want to have to wear tights, high healed boots, & a belt squeezing my waist every day?

I'm not even talking about the woman who can "buy her own bacon & fry it up in a pan".....or the woman who can "have it all"!  These are all examples of what the world perceives as a wonder woman.

I want to be a woman who never loses her sense of wonder!  I'm usually pretty easy to impress, but I want to be curious and take the time to appreciate even the small wonders of this amazing life.

I want to have this kind of fascination:

*Like a child who doesn't give up asking....why? ....why?....why?  Who can read the same book over & over & over & still laugh at the same spots!                                                         

*To stop what I'm doing & watch a spider work diligently to spin that intricate web glistening in the sun, just to do it all again tomorrow!

*Get up out of my cozy bed & gaze at the moon & stars hanging effortlessly above me on a clear night! Appreciate how gravity is holding everything in place! (& appreciate it even though it's also pulling my face & other body parts down too...UGH!)

*Observe that tenacious ant carrying a piece of food 5000 times its own weight!

*Still be amazed every time I fly, that an airplane can stay in the sky & can get me 1300 miles in 3 hours!

*I can plant a seed as small a pin head & with time & nurture it can grow into a huge tree!

* In this New Orleans humid heat, I can be refreshed by the invention of air conditioning....& I don't even have to understand how it works!

*Realize the miracle that my heart is beating, my lungs breathing, my legs moving, my mind concentrating, my blood pulsating.....without even thinking about it!

*The wonder....that a VIRGIN gave birth to the Savior....who LIVES inside of little ol' me!!!!!  That's the greatest wonder of all!

The Bible tells us to have "child-like faith".....isn't that WONDERful?!!!!