Are you STUFFED?


Do you have a room that looks similar to this????  Or several rooms?  Or even a closet?                   One of my jobs as a certified life coach is to help you tackle the sometimes overwhelming task of clearing clutter.  This is an on-going task....for EVERYONE!  

The area I am asked to help with the most is closets.  I was thinking about this the other day.  I have lived in many houses...with different styles of closets.  My favorite was a huge walk-in closet.  It had a built-in dresser, built-in bookshelves, and even built-in shoe cubbies!  It was large enough that I had to actually vacuum it!  After my divorce, I had to downsize into a rental house.  My bedroom closet in that house is what I call a "step-in" closet.  I could literally step in it because it was horse shoe shaped!  In the bedroom closet I currently's just a "look-in" know the kind....shallow, with sliding doors.  What I was pondering the other day was the fact that no matter what size my's always full!  When I had the luxury of a large closet.....or now the smallest closet.....both full! Obviously I didn't need everything in that walk-in closet....because I don't have it now!  But what if I had kept it all???  It would look like this picture!  It would be overflowing!  I don't want to live like that!  I like order & organization!  But just because that's my nature doesn't mean I don't have to work at it!  It's an on-going process.....just like all of life!  


This is more my style!  Everything has a place.  It's not going to look like this ALL the time....but that's long as it's possible!  When we live in clutter & confusion our life will feel that way!  I want to live in order & peace!  It really is true....sometimes less IS more!  If we own less...we have more time....more peace....more order....even more opportunities!

I want to help you!  Whether it's in person...walking with you side by side... or coaching you over the CAN accomplish this!  Call or PM me TODAY!