April Showers

April has been quite a month!  The entire month spent recovering from this shattered ankle.   At my follow up appointment, April 26, the Dr gave me a shoe splint so that I could start walking.  Instead of researching this myself, I just went with it.  I walked in it all the next day.  Now mind you, I haven't put ANY weight on this ankle since March 15!  That night my ankle was in sever pain, swollen, & bruised!  I decided to "google" recovery from a broken ankle.  NEVER are you to put that much pressure on it....it's a GRADUAL progression.  First, walk in the medical boot a few hours each day...THEN transfer to the splint...AND go to physical therapy to learn the correct way to walk again! UGH!  Lesson learned!  BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!!!!  I'm now walking in the boot....and I have an appointment with a physical therapist as soon as I return home....hopefully May 11th!

I'm so blessed that this entire incident is just a temporary inconvenience!  So many others are not so fortunate....they will never walk again.  We take SO much for granted in just a 24 hour day!  I hope I NEVER take this act of independence for granted again!  Not only am I back on two feet again (almost), but I got to take a REAL bath...my first in 42 days!  If you know me, you know this girl LOVES her long soaks in the tub!  I've been known to take several a day....it's my THERAPY!

We've all heard the phrase, "April showers bring May flowers."  Well there have been many showers this April.....figuratively & literally! So, I'm expecting many flowers of blessing this May! I hope this spring you will STOP & SMELL THE ROSES! Don't take ANYTHING for granted!