10 Lessons I've Learned From My Dog

Bonnie....my tsh zu puppy....how would I describe her? FIESTY, hungry, PLAYFUL,teething, has ADD!, lovable, ENERGETIC, determined, ADORABLE!!

This precious & precocious puppy is about a year old now.  In her short life she has lived in SEVEN homes!  SEVEN!!!  That's what I call transition!  But you'd never know it by observing her.  That's because Bonnie is ALWAYS "in the moment"!!

 Bonnie wakes up excited & ready to embrace the day....whatever that might be!  She usually starts her day with a few yoga moves (by that I mean a couple of downward dogs!) Then it's outside to go to the bathroom...just like ME! (well, not outside!)  But while she's out there...she's looking around...observing...because who knows...there might be a squirrel or something to chase!  Then...her FAVORITE time of day...EATING! (also just like me!) We both appreciate a good meal...however, I like to savor mine & she devours hers! (and anyone else's around!)  If you want to see her get REALLY excited, put her leash on, because she LOVES going for  walks! Oh, what she can find!  It might be a leaf blowing in the wind...or a stick she thinks would make a good bone...or ANY trash that might have a few food remnants left behind!  

She loves to play! She loves her stuffed animals & even as small as she is, she will drag one twice her size around just hoping I'll throw it for her to retrieve. She hasn't been tested..but I'm pretty sure she has Doggy Attention Deficit Disorder! She thinks she's a hunting dog...because she can find EVERYTHING you don't want her to.... she loves to go on scavenger hunts around the house...CAUTION: if you don't want to be embarrassed...don't leave underwear or bras, or anything else on the floor because she will definitely find it & drag it out in front of anyone!  She has no modesty...she'll lay flat on her back exposing her underbelly for all to see.  She has no respect for privacy either...will barge right in to the bathroom knowing she has a captive audience...and has even tried to jump INTO the bathtub with me!

Around 8:30pm she drops!  I mean...she is like a limp rag doll!  She doesn't need any melatonin, or even a bedtime routine. She cuddles up to me (or her huge stuffed dog) & PASSES OUT & SNORES & FARTS & DREAMS & SLEEPS ALL NIGHT (usually!).

So....what have I learned from Bonnie?

1. BE MINDFUL!   According to the Greater Good Science Center, mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, & surrounding environment.  Bonnie is excellent at being in the moment!!! I want to be more aware of EVERY moment! 

2. TRUST! Bonnie KNOWS I am going to take care of her.  I need to TRUST that my parent, God, is going to take care of me!

3. ENJOY LIFE!  Play...walk....smell the roses.....color....visit with friends....crochet....read...laugh!

4. SLEEP!  Most women I talk to are sleep deprived.  I NEED SLEEP!  That's ok....when I'm tired...SLEEP!!!!

5. NEVER WORRY!  Do you think Bonnie worries about where her next meal is coming from?  Of course not...she doesn't worry about ANYTHING!  Maybe that's why she sleeps so well!

6. MOVE!  Bonnie stretches, walks, runs, plays....maybe that's another reason she sleeps so well!  I need to be active!

7. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!  Whoever is in Bonnie's presence is LOVED! (sometimes more than the recipient would like!) So...give & receive love & affection without expecting anything in return.

8. ACCEPT INSTEAD OF RESIST! No matter where she is....who she's with....what she's doing....she just accepts it.  Go with the flow!

9.  BE PERSISTENT!  Do you think Bonnie listens to me the first time I scold her? No...she just keeps trying until she gets what she wants!  (dog training referrals gladly taken!)  I need to KEEP TRYING until I get the results want.

10.  HOME IS WHERE I AM!  I think this is the biggest lesson I've learned from my dog!  Bonnie has lived in 7 locations....no matter how long or short each stay has been....she's been HOME! Home is more than the four walls surrounding us....Home is comfort, peace, contentment, security.  Even though I'm renting right now....this is my HOME & I want it to reflect me & be my sanctuary.....which includes a little "challenge" named Bonnie!  Thanks for the life lessons my little Bon Bon!