The Power of Choice

Choices.  How many choices do you make in a day? According to multiple sources on the internet, the AVERAGE amount of choices an adult makes each day equals to about 35,000!  Think about starts the minute you wake up!  If the alarm wakes you, your first choice is to turn it off...or hit the snooze button!  It just escalates from there....breakfast or no breakfast or what for breakfast!  What to wear?? Go to the gym or go for a run or attend a class...what kind of class?....or skip it altogether!  And if you have a family...chances are you're making choices for them as well.  Mind boggling isn't it?!  But you get the idea.

These examples are just the necessary but not urgent choices we make daily.  There are some choices we make however, that can actually change our lives....or the lives of those around us.  The choice of changing jobs...adopting a child.....getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking.....entering into an adulterous affair....getting married.....moving to another location.....going to rehab.....accepting Christ!


I want to address the choices we make in our thought process.  Do you typically have a positive or negative outlook?  I was raised in a negative environment. The first words to most things were negative.  I'll never forget not wanting to tell my mother that I was pregnant with my second child.  Most grandmothers would be excited about this news...I would think!  Her response was, "OH NO! How will you ever take care of two babies so close in age?"  Even though I was prepared for a negative response, it still was disappointing.  I then had a offended & hold a grudge....or accept her & move on.  I knew that she was reacting from her own experience.  My sister & I were only 18 months she KNEW how difficult it would be for me.  Could she have handled that differently?  Absolutely!  But it was said & now it was my decision how to handle it.


We all will encounter negative comments & people in our lives....but WE don't have to be negative!  I have worked hard to change my thought patterns to be more positive.  I still think negatively at times....but I also know that I am a much more positive person than I used to be....and that's success!

Choose your thoughts carefully!  Be mindful of what you're thinking AND how those thoughts make you react.  Choose to be positive today!  You and those around you will benefit!

If you need help in changing your mindset, you've come to the right place!  Call or email today & start your journey to a more positive life!